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Conklin Pro Grower DayTM

Conklin 2015 Pro Grower Day events were a huge success! When world-record soybean producer Kip Cullers and I brainstormed about how to help farmers impact their crops during this growing season, it was just natural to have Jerry Cox, 24-time NCGA champion, join us for these meetings. We realized it would be an investment of time and would take us away from our own farming operations, but we were willing to give it our all, just as the hosts and their teams did—and it showed!

Every guest experienced a first-class event in each location. The teams at the registration area did an excellent job. Plot tours started off the events and the field plots looked great. Attendees were served a delicious lunch and then it was show time. I want to thank Kip, Jerry and former Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman for investing themselves in each meeting where timely recommendations were given to growers across the country, which will make a difference in their bottom line. I am so proud of each of the hosts and their teams for setting the stage for these tremendous Pro Grower Days!

— Charles W. Herbster,
Conklin Owner and Chief Executive Officer

To see all the photos from the complete series of Conklin Pro Grower Day events, click on the Highlights tab at the top of the page. Stay tuned to see the list of Pro Grower Days for 2016!

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