Conklin Pro Grower Day

Pro Grower Day – Presenter Bios

Jerry Cox
24-Time NCGA National Champion

As a farmer from Cape Girardeau, Mo., Jerry has made an impact on agriculture with his farming practices and being open to change. Jerry has achieved bin-busting corn yields for the last 20 years. He earned his first National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) National Yield Contest award in 1995 and again in 1999. Jerry added the Conklin AgroVantage System to his crop management program in 2001, which helped boost his competition plot yields from 269 to 369 bushels per acre (BPA) through 2014. This increase of 100 BPA also brought his NCGA national awards up to a record number of 24. Jerry utilizes soil and tissue testing management practices, which helps him determine crop inputs for each specific field. He incorporated the AgroVantage System on his entire farm, raising the overall farm average from 169 to 269 BPA. Jerry has increased both his contest yield and on-farm average by 100 BPA over the last 13 years. Jerry travels the country sharing his farming expertise and the benefits of using the AgroVantage System.

Kip Cullers
World Record Soybean Producer

Considered a world-wide authority in soybeans, Kip is a farmer at heart, and has dedicated and devoted his life to the cultivation of vegetables, corn, soybeans and small grains. Over the past 25 years, he has earned six world records in soybean production and 11 national records in the production of corn. Kip and his wife, Michelle, joined the Conklin Company in 2014 to help bring Kip's worldly knowledge and success in the agriculture industry to other producers by offering an innovative and different line of foliar technology. Their farm in Purdy, Mo., has more than 15,000 acres where Kip continues to study, develop and test his products to achieve maximum results in the field.

Dave Heineman
Former Nebraska Governor

Former Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman served the people of the "Cornhusker State" for a decade. As a fellow Falls City, Neb., native who has deep roots in southeast Nebraska, he remains a leader for the state's agriculture industry and accomplished much on behalf of this vital component within the nation's economy. Governor Heineman joined Conklin in January 2015 as a member of its Board of Directors because of the positive attitude, values and belief system that encompasses the organization. Part of his role as a member of the Conklin Company's Board of Directors includes traveling throughout the country serving as an integral part in the company's trainings and events, talking to farmers and contractors about how Conklin can help make the American dream a reality as part of a free-market system. Governor Heineman resides in Fremont, Neb., with his wife, former First Lady Sally Ganem.

Charles W. Herbster
Conklin Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Charles and his wife, Judy, live on his family's farm in Falls City, Neb., homesteaded in 1847 by his great- great-grandfather, William McKendry Maddox. Charles and Judy are mindful of the heritage of four generations of the work and investment that went into making the farm what it is today. They have combined their love of the land and the strength of working together. For nearly 40 years, Charles and Judy have brought their experience of farming and working to help people develop their own Conklin business. The Herbsters were Conklin Managers from 1976 to 1991. In 1992, they purchased the company from the Conklin family, dedicating themselves to making a difference in people's lives with Conklin's proven products and its business opportunity. It is one of the few farmer-owned companies manufacturing and supplying products to the agriculture industry. Judy is the Conklin Company President and Chief Operating Officer, and Charles is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer. Charles continues to be actively involved in the development and testing of agriculture products. The AgroVantage System is an essential part of his crop management program for corn, soybeans, wheat and dairy-quality alfalfa hay. He is passionate about sharing his experiences with growers nationwide about how they, too, can increase yields and profits of their farming operations. Along with his life-long commitment to the Conklin Company, Charles is deeply rooted in agriculture. He is the owner/operator of Carico Farms Inc., his farming operation; Herbster Angus Farms, his elite Angus seedstock herd; and North American Breeders, Inc., an international bull semen business. Charles speaks from experience about Conklin products and understands the needs and challenges of today's farmers. He is committed to helping keep the American farmer in business and profitable.

image presenters
Left to right: Kip Cullers, Jerry Cox, former Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman and Charles W. Herbster.